Lanius SWEATER ROUND NECK made of the finest alpaca peach

Soft and cozy: the sweater does origin from the baby alpaca, but from the particularly soft back part of the alpaca. The wool is extremely fine and soft-like a baby skin. Round neckline, long arm, fluffy and can be combined in many ways.

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Fine, soft, silky fibers make the alpaca wool to a special high-quality, precious material. Every two years the animals are shorn and since there are only about four million alpacas worldwide, it is a very precious material. We at LANIUS have convinced us in Peru that the alpacas live the way they like it best: free – high up in the Andes. Find out more about the trip in our travel journal.


Our producer in Peru covers the entire textile value chain, from the production and dyeing of the fine alpaca yarn, to the weaving or knitting of the fabric, the finishing and finally the production of our favorite sweaters made of alpaca wool. A major plus: social commitment and research on alpacas and textile production in Peru are a major aspect of the production process – with projects such as Pacomarca and Patrulla Ecologica.




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