Sheepish grins Nursing Mom Lanolin 1 oz


Solid lanolin has many uses, but for centuries mothers have found this to be exceptional in aiding nursing mothers with breastfeeding.  Lanolin provides long term moisturizing effects which helps to prevent cracks, eases soreness and heals nursing injuries.

When used properly, it can also prevent yeast infections.

To use, after each nursing, thoroughly wash and dry nipples.  Apply lanolin and rub in to aid absorption.

Available as pure 100% lanolin or with added all-natural flavor oils.

Other uses – for dry, cracked or chapped skin.  Apply to affected area daily.  For babies, wash and dry under neck and behind ears and apply to avoid yeast from dripping milk and sweating before they can raise their heads. Can also be used as a diaper balm – we recommend using a liner when using cloth diapers.

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