myssyfarmi wool hat SUOMI 100

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The dark blue Suomi 100 Myssy is a tribute to Finland’s independency which is celebrating its 100 jubileum this year. The national colors, blue & white, were a natural choice for this jubileum Myssy as the colors can be found also from the flag and they represent the nature around us here in Finland.

The deepblue wool has been hand-dyed with natural dyes and the pompom is made of white finnsheepskin.

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Once upon a time the cycle of living was very different, everything was not so hectic and short-sighted. The four seasons of the year guided the work at the farms and plans were made for years to come, not just for the next vacation. Most things were made by hand and they were meant to last for decades or centuries. This is what we consider the new luxury nowadays – unique, beautiful things made to last.

So we take you to the estates that were once build to serve as homes and centers of activity in a very different society and that still stand there today better than new. They were build to last, but aesthetics were not compromised.

The pompoms of the Myssy Luksus Collection are handmade of 100% organic and super ethical Finnsheep fur. The wool is double thick and hand knitted 100% Finnsheep wool. Both raw materials originate from Rintala farm, have been refined in Finland 100% and can be fully traced.


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