myssyfarmi gnomes wool hat MÖRKÖ

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Mörkö is made of grey wool and topped with a birch yellow pompom. This is one of our bestselling color combinations for both girls and boys. This creature can live both indoors and outdoors, it is hairy and scary, but harmless. Mörkö is Finnish and means a ”boogeyman”.

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“When the darkness takes over in November, there are only few hours of day light for playing outdoors. This is the time for storytelling, sitting by the fire indoors and reading books about the creatures of the woods. You do remember gnomes, trolls, bugbears and fairies, right? These myssys are named after special creatures of the Finnish Children’s literature.

Myssys in this collection are made of 100% organic Finnsheep wool provided by our very own sheep and their cousins at the Rintala farm. Organic Finnsheep wool is as soft as Merino wool and it has a wide natural color spectrum. This wool has been hand washed and it has lanoline –the grease of wool – left in, which makes it particularly good for the sensitive skin of children. It doesn’t itch.

The pompom is made of 100% Finnish, hand-colored Finnsheep wool by Anna Vasko.”


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